Why Attend an IMF Patient & Family Seminar

If you’ve ever thought about attending a support group but you’re just not sure, give it a try! Here is what others who attend myeloma support groups have to say:

“I think of the group as my teaspoon of medicine!  It’s my way of confronting the disease and feeling as though I’m staying a few steps ahead of the game.  It’s wonderful meeting other people willing to support each other!”  Carol M., survivor since 2003

“It’s been a great opportunity for me to meet fellow myeloma survivors and share as well as with their caregivers! You know you’re not alone, and there’s soooo much out there. By hearing different views it sometimes helps direct me down a different path than the one I would have thought was the best before talking with the other members or by hearing a presentation by a special speaker”. Maredda M., survivor since 2000

“When you’re first diagnosed, the prognosis is pretty scary. It’s reassuring to share information with people who have the same concerns. I’ve learned alot from the group over the years and hope that I’m helping newcomers in the same way.”  Mary S., survivor since 2001

“When I was diagnosed I immediately wanted to know more about what I had. I found attending the support group to be informational. It is also helpful to discuss myeloma with others who are familiar with it. The humor and acceptance of the group I attend go a long way in helping with a positive outlook.”  Mike C., survivor since 2007

“I was so alone before I found the group with no one to talk to who had ever heard of myeloma, the medications, the transplant process, the side effects, and the joys and concerns and encouragements as we learn to live with MM. The group means learning and support from friends who are there with me.”  Judy H., survivor since 2001

“The support groups really educate you. The more you know about the disease, the better you can deal with it.You build friendships with others who share the same disease, and we feel like we’re not alone”. Rob E., survivor since 2006

“Support groups have been our lifeline. To sit in a room full of people and share stories and experiences, we’re walking it together. Caregivers meeting other caregivers, patients meeting other patients….we always feel the load is a little lighter after leaving a meeting”.  Sue E., caregiver since 2006